Taipei  Aerial picture
  1. Port of Taipei Free Trade Zone covers the East Terminal Area, South Terminal Area and the North Terminal Area No.3 to No.6 and other hinterland(Container Distribution Center No.1). The total development area measures 131.9 hectares.
  2. It is suitable for automotive logistics, maritime express, sea-air transportation, Multi-Country Cargo Consolidation (MCC), agricultural products shipping and distribution, healthcare industry equipment and instrumentation, and intelligent logistics and other sectors with a focus on adding product value.
  3. In the surrounding area, there are Wugu, Tucheng, Linkou, Guishan, Dayuan, Guanyin, Hsinchu and other industrial or scientific parks, each focusing on different industries. For instance, Tucheng Industrial Park is home to metals, electronic components and computer manufacturing industries. Linkou Industrial Park houses enterprises in machinery and equipment, and metal product manufacturing. Hsinchu Science Park is featured with electronic components, metal products, machinery and equipment manufacturing industries.
  4. Advantages:
  • Featuring a cast hinterland and adequate water depth
  • Located near Taipei downtown; abundant in resources
  • Located near Taoyuan International Airport; providing a convenient sea-air transportation network