Anping  Aerial picture
  1. Port of Anping Free Trade Zone covers industrial zone Pier No.1 to No.7 in the controlled area, Pier No.8 to No.12 in the 5th Redevelopment Zone area, and Si Kun-Shen Dock Area Pier No.13 to No.20. The total development area measures 72.1 hectares.

  2. It is suitable for logistics, warehousing, and international logistics sectors.

  3. In the surrounding area, there are industrial clusters in agriculture and fishery, manufacturing, food processing, tourism, international healthcare, biotechnology and electronic component manufacturing.
  4. Advantages:
  • Direct connections to Freeway No.1 and No.3
  • Connect Provincial Highway No.17 and Expressway No.86. Access system of Anping Port is convenient.
  • Located near the Industrial Parks, Science Park and Agricultural Biotechnology Park
  • Located near the Tainan Airport



Anping FTZ