Taichung  Aerial picture
  1. Port of Taichung Free Trade Zone covers Pier No. 1 to No.18, Pier No. 20A to No.46 and special zone for port industry development as well as the petrochemical industry specialty areas including West Pier No.1 to No.7 and West Pier No.8 to No.10 with the hinterland. The total development area measures 657.32 hectares.

  2. It is suitable for such sectors as basic precision machinery, computer, communications, and consumer electronics products, green energy, bicycle industry (supply-chain partners), automotive parts assembly, value-added manufacturing, and inspection & testing, and Taiwan-China petrochemical & petroleum products storage.

  3. In the surrounding area, there are industrial clusters in bicycles, precision machinery, automotive components, hardware, green energy and hosiery industry.
  4. Advantages:
  • Vast land in the port zone.
  • Convenient transport network.
  • Close to industrial parks, export processing zones, and Central Taiwan Science Park.

Taichung FTZ