What is FTZs?

It refers to an area which is situated within a controlled district of an international seaport or airport approved by the Executive Yuan, where enterprises are allowed to engage in trading, warehousing, logistics, collecting and distributing (cargo or) containers, transiting, transshipment, forwarding, customs clearance, assembling, sorting, packaging, repairing, fabricating, processing, manufacturing, examining, testing, displaying or technological service, without subject to import and export regulations, customs requirements and other restrictions.


ftz chart

Investment Niches & Advantage

Inside the Border but Outside of Customs

Offering Tax Preferential

Allowing in-depth processing

Free Circulation of Goods

Autonomous Management

One-Stop Service

What are some other advantages...

Exemption of deposit

No limit for storage period

Monthly consolidated declaration

No capital restriction

Convenience of commissioned processing

Restricted cargo from China allowed to be shipped into FTZs

Manufacturers allowed to be located in FTZs

Exemption of business tax

How to invest in FTZs?

Self operation

The enterprise goes through the establishment formalities on its own after renting a premises from the FTZ. Please refer to the Investment Information.

Joint development

Work with the FTZ operating organization to build an exclusive warehouse or factory.

Sharing premises

Share the FTZ premises with other enterprises, and start operation independently.

Commissioned processing
Entrust the existing FTZ enterprise(s) with business.

What can you do in FTZs...

commissioned processing simple value addition distribution center

LME Delivery Point

The Port of Kaohsiung was listed as a LME delivery port in June 2013, which can bring down warehousing and transportation costs and improve the efficiency of logistics and supply chains.

Warehouse and distribution center

Cooperation between international and domestic warehouse operators

domestic warehouse LMS delivery port international warehouse

Sea-air transportation

  air transport  cargo transsphipment   sea transport
 air distribution

 air transport

air transport

 cargo transsphipment  air distribution

 sea transport

sea transport

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